Finding Nemo: The Musical

finding-nemo-the-musical-00At the request of our guests, we’re going to start providing more recommendations regarding the Disney Parks on our blog, including some of the more worthwhile shows and rides that may not be at the top of our guests’ to-do list.

We find it very necessary, especially during the high season and when it is extremely hot, to view many of the shows at the parks to kill time until our FASTPASSes are available or escape the summer heat.  Animal Kingdom is one of the parks where lines grow quickly, especially for thrill rides like Expedition Everest, but luckily between Everest and Dinosaur is the Finding Nemo: The Musical theater.

With several shows per day this is a convenient respite and quite enjoyable, featuring original music and engaging puppetry.  We’ve linked to the entire performance on YouTube below for those of you who would like to experience it virtually.

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