My Disney Experience


As little as 9 months ago the Disney Parks websites were horrific, and I mean really, really terrible.  Dining openings wouldn’t display and reservations would hang up consistently, schedules were poorly organized and the maps were less than user friendly.

We must give credit where credit is due and the redesign that the company has pulled off, despite the hiccups, is leaps and bounds ahead of what they have had before and offers an exciting glimpse into the digital park experience guests will enjoy in the future.  Enter My Disney Experience.

This official Disney app links all dining reservations and utilizes their complimentary wifi to deliver event and show schedules, wait times and  dining details at the tip of your fingers utilizing GPS technology to identify entertainment opportunities near you in the park.  Disney is now piloting their digital FASTPASS+ system, which will expand the number of rides that will be FASTPASSable and allow guests to make advance FASTPASS reservations for the more popular rides (on our last visit in July the FASTPASS sign was already up for Pirates of the Caribbean).  Guests will use their plastic Admission Cards or MagicBands to check in for their FASTPASS rides and dining reservations.

As both technophiles and organized planners we look forward to an even more engaging park experience and opportunities to make our days more efficient.  As we gain experience using the new application we will be providing guidance to our guests regarding how to maximize their time at the parks.

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